An analysis of the good and bad effects of legalizing marijuana use

Email Shares When potent preparations of marijuana are consumed regularly, in large amounts, for many years, are there any detrimental long term effects? As with any drug, consuming large amounts over an extended period of time is going to result in some sort of dependence and psychological changes. So what are some changes that you may experience if you abuse marijuana over the long term? There are some studies that found no evidence for memory issues and some that have found long term memory problems associated with heavy usage.

An analysis of the good and bad effects of legalizing marijuana use

The following script is from "Colorado Pot" which aired on Jan. Bill Whitaker is the correspondent. Visit Colorado these days and you can smell change in the air. Tourists are limited to a quarter ounce. Colorado has allowed medical marijuana since But invoters amended the state constitution to allow recreational pot - and gave the government one year to make it work.

Three other states also have approved recreational pot. But none has gone further or faster into the legal retail weed business than Colorado. You might expect to see the band toking up, but here everybody is. The food is sprinkled with marijuana, the wine infused with a strain called Killer Queen.

Budtender Leo Dunaev selected it for the evening. And that smoke is then blown into this glass. And that allows the wine to open up and really bring in the fruit forward qualities of it.

Those who might remember pot from the 70s - the marijuana grown and sold in Colorado today is up to 10 times stronger.

Pros of Legalizing Cannabis

This is a lot of pot. This is industrial scale.


How many rooms like this do you have? Meg Sanders is a new breed of cannabis CEO, driven to push marijuana into the mainstream. A suburban mother of two, she left a private equity firm to run Mindful, a chain of four retail stores that sells recreational and medicinal pot.

All of this is legal. Meg, did you ever think you would be here doing this? No, never in a million years.

An analysis of the good and bad effects of legalizing marijuana use

Her 44, square-foot marijuana factory is cutting edge. Automated water and nutrient systems feed the plants. Lighting mimics the seasons so plants can be harvested year round - all this in a warehouse right across the street from a Denver police station.

Sixty Mindful employees cultivate, trim, and package up to pounds of marijuana every month. This is a big business. This is industrial agriculture.

Commercial grow right here. Which is why she recruited Phillip Hague, known in the trade as a master grower. He used to cultivate flowers on an industrial scale in Texas. But his true passion is pot. What do you bring to the table here?

Efficiencies on the grow side. I treat this building more like a large-scale tomato greenhouse than your average cannabis grow.

An analysis of the good and bad effects of legalizing marijuana use

These are definitely not tomatoes.Negative effects of legal marijuana rising, law enforcement task force study finds. Randy Wyrick. September 22, Marijuana use • Colorado past-month marijuana use is up 45 percent over the last three years. Some motorists appear to embrace both alcohol and pot, the data analysis found.

Watch video · Studies have shown small structural changes in the brains of people who use marijuana, and researchers say there is little doubt that using marijuana has effects . International Analysis. There is more bad news out of Colorado regarding the negative impact of marijuana legalization.

before legalizing marijuana for other uses in ) Furthermore, in. The benefits and harms of marijuana, explained by the most thorough research review yet A new report looks at more than 10, studies on marijuana.

It has good and bad news for pot users. This update of cannabis and its medical use was commissioned by the Secretariat of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products, World Health e.g.

medical marijuana ballot initiatives. Its use for medicinal, ritual or recreational abuse, intoxication, and other negative consequences of. The impact of marijuana legalization will depend, in large part, on how many people start using the drug once it becomes legal. “We don’t know what the long-term effects of .

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