An interview with a park ranger

Early years[ edit ] Frank Hamer was born in Fairview, Wilson CountyTexaswhere his father operated a blacksmith shop.

An interview with a park ranger

What are the essential elements of a Pogo Park? Any public space can be transformed into a Pogo Park. In essence, a Pogo Park is an amazing place, a magical place for children to play.

There are five key elements. First of all, a Pogo Park must be staffed. You need someone there who clean the park, welcome folks as they come in, and make it a safe and welcoming gathering place for the community.

Second, there needs to be an office there. The third is a rich play environment. We have to get away from plastic, static play equipment.

Experts on play talk about how kids need loose parts and environments they can manipulate, so they can build their own things and explore. The key feature of a Pogo Park is a super-rich play environment. The fourth element is just basic amenities — a place to sit in the shade, a bathroom, and running water.

And the last is to make it a hub of the community. We are the community hub. The community were co-designers of Elm Playlot and Harbor-8 Park. How did this work? To give you some background: Elm Playlot was an existing park for 70 years, but it failed.

We begged the city not to do it, but they went ahead because they had a grant. Within a week, somebody tried to burn it down. Pogo Park started with a core team of eight: The first person I met was Carmen Lee, who lives right next door to the park.

I just went around knocking on doors and meeting folks. From to the composition of EPAC has changed. It went from eight to six to ten to twelve to fourteen to seven. All of the members have deep ties to the Iron Triangle: But the members of the same core team who started at the beginning have been through all seven years of the project.

We avoided the usual process: Transformation needs to be deeper. EPAC started working with the residents to reclaim the park. We came in each day and cleaned the park, so it was super clean.

We brought in a shipping container we got from the Port of Richmond and built a little office inside the shipping container we could open each day.

We put out our play materials and made our enriched play space.

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We rented a porta potty, which we covered in beautiful plants and artwork. Folks would come just to go to the bathroom, because the porta potty was tricked out. We served 9, meals one summer.

We got into the space and claimed it. Going back to how to involve the community: Elm Playlot came alive because people from the neighborhood went and worked there each day. They cleaned it, built things, or served as staff.

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As folks drive by, they could see something was changing. Oh, this so great. If the community makes the changes themselves, then the change is deeper and felt more widely. We did a five year one!Texas park rangers work in some of the most scenic environments in the state.

Unfortunately, drug runners, human traffickers, and general unruly members of the public also tend to frequent these areas. For the Boom Studios comic version of this character, see Tommy Oliver ( comic). For the movie version of this character, see Tommy Oliver (movie)..


An interview with a park ranger

Thomas "Tommy" Oliver is a Power Ranger veteran and considered a legend among the Ranger community. He is often considered to be the greatest Power Ranger of all time, having been part of four Power Ranger teams over the years.

Inviting the youngest park visitors to become a member of the National Park Service family, the Junior Ranger program gives kids and families the opportunity to uniquely explore and learn about their national parks, and how they can help protect them today and into the future. Early years. Frank Hamer was born in Fairview, Wilson County, Texas, where his father operated a blacksmith shop.

He was one of five brothers, four of whom became Texas Rangers. His family moved to the Welch ranch in San Saba County, where he grew later spent time in Oxford, Llano County (now a ghost town), which formed the basis of his joke about being the only "Oxford-educated Ranger.".

Applicants needing special accommodations during the exam process may contact Human Resources by calling () If this is the first time you are applying using our online job application, visit to create an account first.

You may then build an application by clicking on the "Build Job Application" link. Application. I applied online. The process took 4+ months. I interviewed at National Park Service (Crescent City, CA).

An interview with a park ranger

Interview. The culture is to help people and connect them with the park and the environment to create a sense of stewardship on both an intellectual and emotional level.

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