Do condom advertisements take sex education out of parents hands

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Do condom advertisements take sex education out of parents hands

Do condoms and sex ed promote sex? Studies may debunk fears the RH Law will promote promiscuity Published 1: But aside from being interesting and quite controversial, this question is extremely relevant and important to deliberate.

The RH law, depending upon its implementation, will certainly have many implications on health, social norms, and the economy that Filipinos, as the tax-paying public, should be attentive to and, when necessary, be critical of. Sexual debut What exactly is the issue?

Many people are concerned that the RH law will expedite sexual debut, a fancy term pertaining to the moment a person has sex for the first time. This so-called average age at first sex is slightly older compared to many developed countries such as the United States Filipinos, however, are having sex earlier than their Asian neighbors such as Vietnam Even people from India and China, the two most populated countries in the world, are having their first sexual experience at a later age Benefits of delayed sex Government agencies tasked with implementing the RH law should be concerned about early sexual debut not because religious morality looks down on premarital but because delaying sex has many benefits for teens.

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Abstaining from sex, for example, remains the only perfect way of preventing unplanned pregnancies and protecting against a range of sexually transmitted diseases STDs including HIV.

Condoms and hormonal contraceptives are, of course, very effective but they need to be used properly in order to work well every time. Similarly, research has shown that early age at first sex is associated with a number of unhealthy behaviors and outcomes including unprotected sex during first sexual experience, an STD infection in adolescence, inconsistent condom useand having multiple partners.

Condom access programs The fear that condoms and sexuality education will promote sex may seem intuitive, but scientific research so far shows no basis for such fear. For instance, studies from BostonLos AngelesSeattleand several schools from the state of Massachusetts have all found that condom access and distribution programs did not promote early sexual debut among teens.

And among students who were already sexually active when the programs were implemented, enhanced condom access did not increase their frequency of sex or the number of their partners.

Condoms in Schools: A Smart Move, But a Tough Sell -

In fact, there is evidence suggesting that condom access programs delay sexual debut among teens and can also help decrease sexual activity among those who are already sexually active.

A recent analysis of 21 studies conducted in the U. Researchers found that condom access programs were not only associated with an increase in condom use among sexually active teens, but also a delay in sexual debut, increase in abstinence, and lower incidence of STDs. Sexuality education The same outcomes have been reported by studies that look at the effects of sexuality education on the sexual behaviors of students in late elementary and high schools.

Research has shown that teaching teens about safe sexual practices and the proper use of contraceptives does not hasten sexual debut. In fact, sexuality education has consistently been associated with delayed sexual debut, a decrease in sexual activity among sexually active teens, and reduced teen pregnancy rates.

While no one is disputing the value of sexuality education on teen health, experts are still trying to find the most effective type of sexuality education. Two camps exist today, with one group arguing for the merits of abstinence-only programs while the other group contends that comprehensive sexuality education alone can reduce teen pregnancies and delay sexual debut.

A study published in showed that abstinence-only education was effective in delaying sexual debut among teenage girls.

Do condom advertisements take sex education out of parents hands

Two reviews, however, one published in and the other in found no evidence for the effectiveness of abstinence-only programs. This has lead opponents of abstinence-only education to call the omission of safe sex information " scientifically and ethically problematic.

Given the unique social and cultural context that is the Philippines, we are also uncertain how young Filipinos will respond to the different components of the RH law.

But the findings mentioned here highlight the promise of the RH law and its objectives. For questions about the studies cited in this article, or for thoughtful comments and suggestions, contact the author at antonlorenzo. Read his related articles: A hard look at abortion in the Philippines iSpeak is a parking space for ideas worth sharing.

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Condoms in Schools: A Smart Move, But a Tough Sell. Dec 3, sex discussions should be left up to parents, and if schools give out condoms they are essentially condoning sex among teenagers. numerous studies have found that young people who take highly effective sex education and HIV-prevention programs tend to delay sex and have fewer.

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