Dream job bakery owner

In fact, it was a dream she had been building toward since age five — when she first began making breakfast for her mother — Allyson wanted to open a bakery. Allyson's bakery would be a literal wonderland for children and adults alike.

Dream job bakery owner

Some bakeries specialize in one specific baked good, such as fresh breads and bagels or cakes and pies, while others offer a wide range of different baked goods. There are certain business requirements to consider if you want to own and operate a bakery properly and legally.

License Requirements In order to operate a commercial bakery, certain permits and licenses are required. Your bakery business will require a seller's permit, which provides a tax identification number, and a business license for the city that your company operates in.

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Because your business involves the sale of food, it will also require that you obtain a food vending license from the state, as well as approval from the health department. The health department will make periodic checks Dream job bakery owner make sure that your bakery is sanitary and free of hazards.

Insurance Requirements You need to properly insure your bakery in order to make sure that you, your employees and your customers are protected. Your bakery should have standard liability insurance as well as product liability insurance, which is important should anyone ever become sick from the food or beverages that you serve.

Additionally, your bakery should have fire insurance because of the risk when heavy machinery is involved. If you have employees, workers' compensation insurance is also necessary, as it will protect any worker who becomes injured on the job.

Other insurance policies may be required if you run a franchise bakery or are renting your location. Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Equipment Requirements Before your bakery can function, it is vital that you acquire and prepare the right equipment.

This includes ovens and mixers of various capacities which will be able to handle jobs of different types and sizes. You will also need display cases for the food products that you sell, and refrigerators to store products that are not being sold.

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All of this equipment must be in good working order in order for your bakery to function properly. Start-up Requirements The start-up requirements are simple but vital when it comes to running a business.

You need to have the capital to buy or rent the building and the necessary equipment, as well as the materials to put your inventory together. You also need to have a well-thought-out business plan. While a business plan is not necessarily required, it is quite important in helping you form a successful business strategy.

Staffing Requirements There are no staffing requirements set in stone, but you cannot reasonably run a bakery alone.

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You may want to consider hiring someone to handle some of the tasks associated with your business, like accounting, baking or advertising.

You may also consider hiring someone to work the front counter if you want to handle all of the baking in the back, for example.

References A Touch of Business: She writes primarily for the web and has been published as a ghostwriter in "Tropical Fish Magazine" and "Entrepreneur.

Photo Credits gourmet cupcakes in elegant bakery image by nextrecord from Fotolia.Become a Bakery Owner See more. Find this Pin and more on Dream Job by Heather Morris. Have you ever wanted to start your very own bakery?

Whether you want to open a bakery in town, your home or even online, we have the information and know-how to guide you every step on the way.

home bakery | home bakery business | home baking business. SWEET DREAM SCHOLARSHIP. Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe is proud to announce an initiative to support our community and our future leaders in the form of a $1, scholarship to a deserving high school senior or college student. For the last two years, fans have flocked to farmers markets and coffee shops around town to indulge in owner Andrea Borchers’ baked goods, so much so that Borchers left her other full-time job as the wholesale aspect of her bakery grew.

Food Safety Certification. As a small business owner supervising staff preparing food or preparing food on your own, you must usually have valid food safety certification prior to opening your bakery.

Dream job bakery owner

Teresa Maynard, Owner of Sweet Teez Bakery Print Teresa Maynard discusses how she left a promising career to start her own cupcake business.

Want to know what it’s like to leave a stable job with a steady paycheck in order to pursue your dream business? New York's first cat cafe is hiring, so let it be known if you're a feline fan on the market for work! Baking skills would help, as the "majority of our sales staff rotate between the two.

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