Expansion of power

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Expansion of power

However, with the aid of a few replacementsthe team managed to win 40— Neil Purvis signed a contract a few days later, bringing the Expansion of power to Defensive backs Josh Lay and Tyrrell Herbert and offensive lineman Dan Jones elected not to re-sign with the Power and were consequentially placed on the League Suspension list.

Expansion of power

Jones was traded to the Kansas City Command on May 2, Down 48—17 in the third quarter to the Orlando Predatorsbackup quarterback Derek Cassidy led the team on a 34—3 run, taking the game into overtime.

After the Predators kicked a field goal to make it 54—51, P. On the very next play, Cassidy connected with Christian Wise for a touchdown to win the game 57— However, due to yet another labor dispute, the Gladiators failed to field enough players and forfeited, making the Power the first team in Arena Football League history to win in this manner.

It was the first successful drop kick in the Arena Football League since With a 5—13 record, the Power failed to qualify for the playoffs with a last place finish in the division.

The Power were still in the playoff hunt through Week 10 with a record, but a 7-game losing streak lost the Power their chance at a playoff spot. With a 4—14 record, the Power failed to qualify for the playoffs with a last place finish in the division. The Power also traded their franchise leader in nearly every receiving category, Mike Washingtonto the Spokane Shock for quarterback Arvell Nelson.

Near the end of the off-season, the team acquired wide receiver Prechae Rodriguez in a trade with the Orlando Predators. On March 15, the Power opened the season against the Cleveland Gladiators.

After a net recovery touchdown by Arvell Nelson in the third quarter, the Power took a 45—28 lead.

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However, the Gladiators outscored the Power 35—8 the rest of the way to pull out a comeback victory. Narcisse had played with quarterback Tommy Grady and under James with the Utah Blaze from to Narcisse was the first of several players that James brought to the Power from his coaching tenures with the Blaze and Las Vegas Gladiators.

James led the Power to three consecutive wins in his first three games, during which the Power outscored opponents by a combined score of — However, back-to-back road trips to undefeated Arizona and Cleveland brought consecutive losses.

The Power set a new record against the Soul for points scored at home 65 in what would become their first of 12 consecutive wins to conclude the regular season.

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During this streak, the Power set new team records for wins in a season 15consecutive wins 12consecutive home wins 8 and consecutive road wins 6. The Power clinched their first winning season on June 14 against the Soul and their first playoff berth on June 20 against the Iowa Barnstormers.Accessories (For use with PS6R) Part No.


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