Get good marks dissertation

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Get good marks dissertation

Share via Email Marking dissertations is often an uphill battle. And he browbeat me into awarding a higher mark and therefore degree classification than I felt was deserved.

I should have stuck to my guns and agreed to put it to a third marker. The whole business of dissertation marking is a fascinating and all too human process.

On the face of it, awarding marks should be a predominantly objective procedure.


There are assessment and grade criteria, specific headings that students know they need to deliver against — are the aims and objectives clear and tracked through? Does the literature review provide good coverage of existing sources relevant to the dissertation topic?

Are the adopted methods explained, appropriate and justified? So in the next few weeks colleagues — including myself — will be hit by a tidal wave of incoming final year undergraduate dissertations.

Often these are worth two module credits and can disproportionately weigh in the balance when it comes to determining a final degree award. Typically dissertations are blind double marked.

So that each marker judges the work independently and only then discusses with a colleague, the definitive mark to be awarded.

Get good marks dissertation

At this point there are three outcomes — first, markers are of one mind and agree; second, they pace around like fencers, land a few good arguments and, again, reach a settlement. Third, they disagree so dramatically about the quality of the work and its mark that it must go to a third marker.

How do such divisions arise? There are various reasons: The key point here is to stick to the evidence and, in particular, to focus on major points such as good literature coverage but very limited primary research; clear articulation and delivery of aims and objectives.

In my experience the vast majority of cases of mark negotiation are cordial, professional and straightforward. Equally — with substantial numbers of dissertations to assess - you may find yourself uncomfortably at the edge of your known world in terms of expertise.

This in turn may lead to overly lenient or punitive marking. So what to do? This helps to ensure that negotiations review the same aspects and sections.

Is it a good read? Is it professionally turned out? Does it do what it says on the tin — title matches aims and objectives, that then inform methods, that deliver persuasive findings and lead up to reasoned conclusions, that link back to starting objectives?

What you see is what they get. At my institution we are not allowed to do this; so we email qualitative feedback that gives a clear nod as to how the wind is blowing.

Very well done…A beautifully and meticulously presented piece of work that demonstrated an excellent level of endeavour and research.INTRODUCTION. The issue of cults used to be easy to discern.

Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness, Seventh Day Adventism, the Moonies, and many more clearly heretical groups, were easy to nail down. Jun 26,  · It would also be interesting to know if your dissertation grade was lower, higher, or more-or-less the same as your other marks.

check your handbook to see what is says should have happened with this divergence of marks. Can I get a good EPQ grade, even with a bad dissertation? Still got my dissertation to do but I've .

Get good marks dissertation

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The sun is shining but many students won't see the daylight. Because it's that time of year again – dissertation time. Luckily for me, my D-Day (dissertation hand-in day) has already been and gone.

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