Having wonderful trip to korea essay

We look back at that first awkward kiss or that first game that turned us into a fan, and it brings a nostalgic smile to our faces. The same holds true for travel. My first tentative steps out of the relative comfort of Australian life took place in the chill November winds that whipped around Incheon International Airport. Thus began my two year love affair with the peninsula country that likes to call itself the land of the morning calm.

Having wonderful trip to korea essay

Unlike its northern neighbor which is pretty much closed to visitors, South Korea is a welcoming and hospitable country. It is an interesting place with a unique culture and a highly developing economy.

I flew into the capital Seoul.

Having wonderful trip to korea essay

On arrival in the city, it was the marked contrast between modern skyscrapers and high design shopping malls and shanty towns that was immediately striking. Wide streets lined by fancy boutiques lead to a labyrinth of narrow alleyways with tiny traditional shops and eateries and there is a clutch of great tourist attractions.

From here the Seoul Fortress is easily accessible and there are also amazing views of Seoul. Shopping in the Orient is an amazing experience so I made sure to pay a visit to the Shinsegae downtown department store. This huge emporium sells probably everything you can imagine and is a complete charm in the way the bottom floors sell all the basic staples of daily life — including the ubiquitous kimchee fermented cabbage and are frequented by Korean housewives while the upper floors cater to the well-heeled and brand conscious.

As fascinating as it is, the new rooftop garden is a welcome respite. One of the most surprising sights and a rue delight is the Cheonggyecheon Stream.

Running for just under 4 miles through the city, the stream is remarkably quiet given its location, because it is 15 foot below street level. The serene setting, accentuated by waterfalls and bridge is a favorite strolling spot for romantic couples.

With a flying visit to Itaewon, the popular ex-pat neighborhood near to the main US army base, my time in Seoul came to an end.

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I was enthralled and captivated and hope I get to return one day.Having Wonderful Trip to Korea Essay Sample Whether you’re a shopaholic, a workaholic, a K-Pop fanatic, a foodie, a filmmaker, or just plain superstitious: is a good year to be here.

, the year the world supposedly ends. The Korea Grand Sale is technically part of the Visit Korea Year campaign but in its grandness it deserves its own category. Unlike some of the other promotional discounts of Visit Korea Year, the Korea Grand Sale is surprisingly, and non-intuitively, not just about saving a few won.

7 reasons to visit Korea in Posted on January 11, by Admin Whether you’re a shopaholic, a workaholic, a K-Pop fanatic, a foodie, a filmmaker, or just plain . While South Korea might not yet be the number one travel destination for many around the world, there are plentiful reasons why you should visit the country of the morning calm on your next vacation.

From history to culture and food to religion, take a look at our guide to the top 15 reasons why you. Seoul, South Korea.

Having wonderful trip to korea essay

S eoul is a huge, sprawling mega-city, and though it seemed intimidating at first, after spending a few days there I soon realized that the majority of the central part of the city revolves around the the Seoul N Tower on top of Namsan mountain (pictured straight ahead).. Gyeongbukgung Palace.

The Gyeongbukgung Palace is one of Seoul's most iconic landmarks. Trip to Dubai Essay Mr. Loudin CPT July 28, My Trip to Dubai Our first day of the trip consisted making sure we had everything we needed packed in our luggage.

We arrived at the Greenville Spartanburg International Airport at nine-thirty, about an hour and a half prior to our plane taking off.

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