Health and modern life

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Health and modern life

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Health and modern life

Abstract The First International Congress on Ayurveda was held in Milan, Italy in March and it has been the first scientific event of this kind in western world.

The Congress established a bridge between indian and western philosophy, scientific and biomedical thinking in order to expand knowledge and healthcare.

This concept is central in Ayurveda but is also common to other Health and modern life scientific disciplines such as quantum physics and epigenetics that, in the four Sessions of the Congress, were represented by eminent experts.

The importance of this event was underlined by the attendance of more than participants and by noteworthy institutional endorsements, that added a significative political dimension of high social impact due to the topical period for CAM acceptance and integration in Europe.

The aim of the Congress was to establish a bridge between Ayurveda and Western scientific and biomedical thinking in order to expand the knowledge of health, healthcare, and quality of life [ 23 ].

Therefore, the main attention of the featured experts from the fields of Ayurveda and modern science was on the concept of relationships that are central to Ayurveda and the Western scientific disciplines such as quantum physics, epigenetics, and modern medicine. This implies that all descriptions involve a point of view; however, the subjects also should play an important part.

Professor Josephson proposed a many-pronged approach that merges the understanding of complex systems, semiotics, and evolutionary mechanisms to achieve a synthesis between the tendency of Western Science to reduce objective reality to a formula, Quantum Mechanics and Eastern philosophy's emphasis on conscious experience with particular reference to Ayurveda.

The Shape of Reality: Fundamentals of Relations and Interactions The session discussed the basic principles that intrinsically determine relations and interactions in order to define the shapes of perception.

He affirmed that Ayurveda can be better understood in terms of philosophy and physics than by modern reductionist biology [ 6 ]. Ultimately, the study of the full spectrum of the Srotas and function will help to define the phenomenon of relationships in structural and functional biology [ 7 ].

Joythimayananda Ashram Joytinat, Italy described his year experience in Ayurveda and Yoga from both spiritual and materialistic perspectives.

The purpose of Yoga and Ayurveda is health, happiness, and liberation in order to acquire profound knowledge. Yoga and Ayurveda simply offer directions to physical activity, nutrition, and rest.

Ego, ignorance, greed, and attachment are great pollutants because the idea of possession of objects creates insufficiency or stress.

The act and awareness of being is the reality in which truth is embodied and silence is enjoyed. By contrast, the wrong perception, the Maya or illusion that often perceives stress or insufficiency, directs the individual away from the truth.

A correct perception transcends all, while a wrong one generates suffering and illness.

What is health?

Ayurveda understands the human body as interconnected within as well as outside. By integrating the role of mind and consciousness in the human body, Ayurveda is distinctly different from biomedicine's Newtonian physics-based perception of the organism as a structural entity made up of fundamental units of building blocks, that is, atoms and molecules [ 10 ].

Even, while accepting the reality of the physical body, Ayurveda emphasizes the role of consciousness and mind in both health and disease states. This is in contrast to biomedicine, which relates physiology to structures.

Jayasundar emphasized the concept in Ayurveda that one's thoughts create health or illness which is similar to the quantum physics' concept that thoughts create the physical reality [ 11 ]. These sources, defined by the information transported by channels Srotasare the necessary conditions to maintain existence and health.

A block in this flow of information results in disaggregation of the system at all levels of existence: The extreme disaggregation is cancer, a condition where all levels of relationship become deranged. The prerequisite to reestablishing health is acknowledging the sources of reality, restructuring the channels, and resetting the proper inflow and outflow.

The Shape of Environment: Recursive Adaptive Responses The session aimed at describing how continuous adaptive feedback between human beings and environment recursively links and shapes these two entities, defining the functional and dynamic unity between observers and the observed. The final outcome is health or disease.

Chairing the session, Dr.

Obesity is a modern problem

The ways of knowing about nature and environment in traditional knowledge systems and science are fundamentally different, as are the depth, range, and scope of knowledge they discover.

Modern science has a detailed knowledge about parts of physical and biological nature, whereas traditional knowledge systems have a holistic knowledge of the physical, biological, and spiritual fields that pervade nature. One of the greatest challenges of this century will be integrating the reductionist framework of science with the holistic framework of traditional knowledge systems in order to see the whole in the part and the parts in the whole.

Vastu is based on the observation that certain spatial and environmental conditions, combined in harmony with the elements, were determinants in the construction of temples, houses, and buildings. Such structures were respectful, of natural proportion, promoting health and prosperity of the inhabitants since the proportions of nature connect the human being with it.

Another basic topic of Vastu is the influence of magnetism on the spatial objects and the building materials that were used.

Trauma-Informed Care, Neurobiology, and Modern Integrated Care

Rosenberg highlighted how magnetic therapy is able to give effective healing, and magnetic waves, which permanently flow from North to South, also play an important role for wildlife. The existence of a well-regulated magnetism sustains a positive energy field within the ambience, supporting the preservation of physical health and mental vitality.

Ancient Indian thinkers believed in a deep interrelation between living beings and the expressions of nature. Human beings are inseparable from nature; therefore, Ayurvedic ethics stress respectful behavior towards the environment. Ayurvedic authors were well aware of the risks of environmental degradation; the third chapter of Vimanastana of Charaka Samhita, one of the most ancient treatises on Ayurveda, elaborates extensively on the causes and consequences of the deterioration of climate, water, and land.Modern Living with kathy ireland is independently produced and is distributed worldwide.

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Harmony means health, good weather, and good fortune, while disharmony leads to disease, disaster, and bad luck. The strategy of Chinese medicine is to restore harmony. Each human is seen as a world in miniature, and every person has a unique terrain to be mapped, .

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