Key terms in copy editing service

Basically the copy editing prices incorporates proofreading which is included the most valuable elements of writing.

Key terms in copy editing service

I am an independent author, avid reader, speaker, speechwriter, and entrepreneur. Just over a decade ago I recognized how the writing industry has huge group of writers struggling to become published authors. We are now in the Golden Era of eBook publishing.

I saw the value of connecting quality editors with struggling writers. Instead, I wanted to find and vet dedicated, experienced, and professional editors. I have been with First Editing over a decade now and love it! Our Vision Thus, online we created the means of building professional relationships with authors who are searching for editing services and quality assurance.

It all came together as First Editing. The concept was simple but the reality is much more challenging. We create affordable editing with a predetermined delivery time and personal, customized editorial reviews and consultations. As a team, we realize the value of having a front-line of professional editorial account managers who personally assist you, the client, in effectively discovering and communicating your needs.

In this way, we assure that you achieve your overall editorial goals. Over the years, we have received tens of thousands of questions in the process of transforming writers into published authors. Ultimately, the questions from writers have evolved over the decades.

To help all those authors we have now created our 10 step process to publishing. Image with hyperlink — CTA caption We have served over 40, thousand authors over just in the last decade and have an ever-growing base of successfully published authors.

We continue to provide quality editing services — that is our specialty and your benefit. We have fostered tens of thousands of valuable author relationships.

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We want to share this knowledge to help you achieve your publishing goals. Not sure what YOU really need? However, inwe launched as a separate corporation focusing strictly on editing services for both academics and authors.

Besides providing professional editing at an affordable price with personal service, we also provide amazing career opportunities for editors.

ACE Copyediting: Price Guide and Payment Schedule for Writing and Editing Services

Our staff consists of a family of editors who have the freedom and opportunity to create the lifestyle they desire. While some focus on family or charitable service, others travel the world. We are proud to help them achieve their dreams while they help our authors achieve their publishing dreams!

Over the years we have grown! From a small family of editors to an enormous family of successfully published authors! Professionally edited by us! We Care You have a qualified team of friendly, authentic, and approachable real people who are actively concerned and engaged in your personal success and journey as an author.

We Are Professionals You consistently receive honest, detailed, and helpful feedback. Our unbiased and experienced editors focus on providing the services and support that authors like you need to publish. We have decades of experience in the writing, editing, and publishing fields.

We will share this knowledge freely throughout the process. We Are Knowledgeable You benefit from our extensive training, experience, and skills.

We interact and proactively work to consistently provide you the best advice and service in the industry. We Are Honest You will consistently receive unbiased, trustworthy, genuine advice and feedback which values your time and investment. We will never recommend more or less than you actually need.

We are tactful but straightforward in our communication. We Are Dependable You get quality services delivered on time. We will ensure that your editing experience is honorable. We are upfront and honest. You are never surprised with hidden fees or unnecessary recommendations.

We always strive to provide you with the best editing service and experience in our industry. Personal — You are not just an email address to us.COPY EDITOR. BOOK STORE FOR WRITERS. REFERENCE LINKS FOR WRITERS. QUOTE-A-QUOTE Price Guide and Payment Schedule for Editing and Writing Services.

key terms in copy editing service

a company/ personal check will be accepted in agreed upon terms (POD) after work is completed. Most clients pay directly into my PayPal account. Copy Editing: $7 per page A basic word-by-word edit that addresses grammar, usage, and consistency issues.

Check for typographical errors, spelling errors, and consistency aspects, correction of grammatical and linguistic errors, attention to punctuations.

Advanced Editing: This copy editing service will polish the language in your paper and rid it of all grammatical and typographical errors. It will also ensure the use of appropriate terminology, tone, style, format, and writing conventions.

Let me be little simple. 1. Identify the problem: In this case there is no proof reading software. 2. Configure solution: Manually the proof reading will be done but it . Even staff positions and freelance opportunities that center around writing or editing skills occur in multiple fields that don’t overlap.

For example, just because you can create advertising copy or web content does not mean you can be a technical writer or a journalist—and vice versa.

Editing versus Proofreading The greatest debate in the world (for writers, anyway!) Many first-time clients of a professional editing company or freelance editor are unsure about the difference between editing and proofreading, and which service they need.

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