The one minute manager simple

It is about a young man who is in search of an effective manager and is willing to work for one. Their organizations gained while their people lost.

The one minute manager simple

Blanchard has coauthored over 30 best-selling books, including The One Minute Manager which has sold more than 13 million copies and has been translated into more than 37 languages.

In this page story, a man is in search of an effective manager. Throughout his journey he learns many lessons which Blanchard and Johnson have centered on three primary areas or "secrets.

The authors advocate the goal-setting rule: How do you get people truly excited about their work? Make it clear what is expected of them. One Minute Goal Setting is simply: Agree on your goals. See what good behavior looks like.

Write out each of your goals on a single sheet of paper using less than words. Read and re-read each goal, which requires only a minute or so each time you do it. Take a minute every once in a while out of your day to look at your performance, and 6. See whether or not your behavior matches your goal.

One Minute Praisings is the second secret. The authors suggest that effective managers help people reach their full potential by catching them doing something right. Tell people up front that you are going to let them know how they are doing.

Tell people what they did right - be specific. Tell people how good you feel about what they did right, and how it helps the organization and the other people who work there.

Stop for a moment of silence to let them "feel" how good you feel. Encourage them to do more of the same. Shake hands or touch people in a way that makes it clear that you support their success in the organization.

One Minute Reprimand is the third and final secret to effective managing.

The one minute manager simple

The One Minute Reprimand works well when you: Tell people beforehand that you are going to let them know how they are doing and in no uncertain terms. Tell people what they did wrong - be specific. Tell people how you feel about what they did wrong.

Stop for a few seconds of uncomfortable silence to let them feel how you feel. Shake hands, or touch them in a way that lets them know you are honestly on their side. Remind them how much you value them. Reaffirm that you think well of them but not of their performance in this situation.

Realize that when the reprimand is over, it's over. The authors write that, as a manager, there are three choices when it comes to getting the most out of an employee:The One Minute Manager is a very short book by Ken Blanchard and Spencer brief volume tells a story, recounting three techniques of an effective manager: one-minute goals, one-minute praisings and one-minute of these takes only a minute .

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The one minute manager simple

The concept of the one minute manager seems effective, and is easy to understand. Also, presenting this management advice in a simple "fable-like" format makes the information more easy to digest.

However, as a business professional, I don't really care to read stories like this/5(45). Disciplining an employee can be one of the most uncomfortable tasks someone in a leadership position has to undertake, says Steve Trapp, North American strategic accounts manager at . Buy The One Minute Manager - Increase Productivity, Profits And Your Own Prosperity New edition by Kenneth Blanchard, Spencer Johnson (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store.

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