Tips for writing a crime novelist

Every writer I respect is a reader first and foremost, and to try and write without reading widely is nonsensical.

Tips for writing a crime novelist

Real Crime Writing From A Real Detective

Build your skillsFind your next readSearch strategies Prior to its February publication, Michelle McNamara's true crime book I'll Be Gone in the Dark had already received considerable attention due to the untimely death of its author two years earlier. The unsolved case of the Golden State Killer, California's most prolific uncaught serial killer and serial rapist, became the news everyone was talking about.

Though this story is far from over, the arrest marked a bittersweet end to McNamara's journey documenting the case. The scope of true crime storytelling is broader than ever. Once earmarked for salacious, ripped-from-the-tabloids scandals, with titles that made you feel a little gross looking at you, Vulgar Favorsthe genre has evolved to include tales of white collar crime, frauds and forgeries, heists, and criminal organizations.

Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century, is a dramatic caper with nary a murder in sight.

tips for writing a crime novelist

With these caveats in mind, I started thinking about the ways in which a larger spectrum of true crime stories can be discovered. For instance, if your true crime interests lie outside the hallmarks of the genre, consider a Boolean search using the NOT operator: Simply combine these search strings to bypass the subjects entirely.


NOT searches are helpful in eliminating potentially upsetting results -- and in a genre like true crime, there are always going to be deal-breakers for readers. Want a more general browsing experience?

Here are just a couple of our more recent offerings:Writing Crime Fiction As one of the most popular and bestselling genres of fiction, it’s understandable many writers would like to dip their toes into crime writing.

For those who are looking to explore the genre, here are my top tips for crime writers. A small selection of tips for those writing a novel and using Microsoft Word. The Jack Calder Crime Series.

The Crime Novelist - The Writer

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Writing Crime Fiction

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tips for writing a crime novelist

real crime writing from a real detective By day, Adam ‘R’ is a true-to-life, serving Detective. By night, he advises screenwriters and novelists on realism in their craft.

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