Ute metzger dissertation

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Ute metzger dissertation

Supramolecular Organometallics — Carbene Chemistry beyond the Molecule. Water-insoluble and water-soluble NHC complexes and their applications in hydrogenation reactions. Structural and biochemical characterization of the YaxAB pore-forming toxin from Yersinia enterocolitica.

Dissertation, more… Dehling, Marco: Conformational analysis of proteins of biopharmaceutical interest. Dissertation, more… Eckhard, Jan Frederik: Dissertation, more… Giuman, Marco Massimiliano: Dissertation, more… Jandl, Christian: Carbocyclic Carbenes and Beyond: Dissertation, more… Jonas, Michaela: Charakterisierung geruchsaktiver und physiologisch aktiver Aromastoffe in Salbei und Rosmarin.

Dissertation, more… Kaiser, Felix: Dissertation, more… Kallies, Wolfgang: Concurrent optimization of robust refocused pulse sequences for magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Dissertation, more… Karatas, Zeyneb: Dissertation, more… Knoller, Fabian Leonhard: Reactivity and dynamics of monodisperse Pd clusters on a periodically wettable boron nitride substrate.

Dissertation, more… Kollmannsberger, Sebastian Ludwig: Dissertation, more… Li, Liang: Differentielle Intergrinaktivierung im Restenose- und Endothelialisierungsprozess humaner Stents.

Dissertation, more… Machat, Martin Rolf: Dissertation, more… Mittermeier, Thomas: Dissertation, more… Pahl, Philipp: Synthese funktionaler Polymere mittels Seltenerdmetall-mediierter Gruppentransferpolymerisation. Dissertation, more… Schalk, Kathrin: Development of targeted mass spectrometric methods for the quantitation of gluten-specific peptides in foods.

Dissertation, more… Schmid, Christina Madeleine: Charakterisierung agonistischer geruchsaktiver und physiologisch aktiver Verbindungen in Thymian, Oregano und Majoran.

Dissertation, more… Schmid, Markus Josef Anton: Isolation and proteinchemical characterization of HMW-gliadins from wheat flour. Dissertation, more… Schmidt, Johannes: Development and evaluation of microalgae screening procedures and cultivation systems for biofuel applications.

Dissertation, more… Sinstein, Markus: Dissertation, more… Sobotta, Jessica: Investigations of carbon fixation in model organisms and in cell-free prebiotic transition metal-catalyzed reactions. Dissertation, more… Steib, Matthias: Dry Reforming of Methane — understanding metal support interactions and evaluation of regeneration protocols.

Strukturchemie und Optimierung von Tetrelverbindungen. Dissertation, more… Walenta, Constantin Alexander: Dissertation, more… Wendel, Daniel Andreas Wolfgang: Synthesis and Reactivity of Acyclic Silylenes:Annualy, the University of Tuebingen bestows the dissertation award on the most outstanding doctoral theses of each faculty.

In , the Math and Science faculty awarded Dr. Andreas Dräger for his thesis "Computational Modeling of Biochemical Networks". Andreas Dräger, Ute Metzger, Markus F.

Templin, Thomas Joos, Wolfgang E. Thasler.

Ute metzger dissertation

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Dissertation, more Metzger, Volker: Methodische Entwicklung eines standardisierten Verfahrens zur quantitativen Proteomanalyse aus Formalin fixierten Geweben und dessen Einsatz in Protein Microarrays.

Ute metzger dissertation

Dissertation, Dissertation, more Slotta, Ute K. Glycine-functionalized copper(II) hydroxide nanoparticles with high intrinsic superoxide dismutase activity.

Goethe-Universität — Dr. Martin Fotta

Metzger, Volker: Methodische Entwicklung eines standardisierten Verfahrens zur quantitativen Proteomanalyse aus Formalin fixierten Geweben und dessen Einsatz . Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Maria Thomas, PhD auf LinkedIn an, dem weltweit größten beruflichen Netzwerk.

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